With a rich history dating back to its establishment as a family-owned enterprise in 1948, Transports Jolival is embarking on a continued growth journey. Today, the company focuses squarely on two core domains: transportation and logistics, all while remaining agile in adapting to the ever-shifting landscape of the contemporary market.

A firm believer in the digital transformation of its operations and an active member of the esteemed ASTRE group (Association of European Transporters), Jolival looks no further than its roster of trusted partners when the need for cutting-edge solutions arises. This was precisely the case when the demand for digital signage capabilities emerged. Jolival's choice was intuitive: the Media4Display solution by Telelogos, a recognized player within the group's circle.

Real-time Dissemination of Operational Insights


For Jolival, the primary motivation behind embracing a digital signage solution was to empower its transportation division—tasked with planning, managing, and overseeing transportation activities—to deliver real-time performance indicators. Metrics such as vehicle occupancy rates and vehicle utilization over defined periods became pivotal in offering operators a more transparent, granular view of performance and quality data, thus equipping them with the necessary insights to make informed adjustments.


A digital signage solution like Media4Display excels in funneling all pertinent information to the staff responsible, tailoring messages to suit each screen and, consequently, addressing the diverse needs of audiences, including drivers, operators, and administrative personnel.

Empowering Communication: Jolival's Dynamic Display Solution


Jolival leverages digital signage solutions to broadcast critical business dashboards for informed decision-making and serve a more comprehensive purpose. Strategically positioned screens within the company, including areas like the driver's lounge and the entrance to support function hubs such as accounting and HR, ensure a widespread impact.


These screens play a pivotal role in enhancing internal communication, ensuring all employees, regardless of their access to dedicated workstations or emails, are kept in the loop. Updates on new team members, upcoming events, and other essential announcements are efficiently disseminated, fostering a sense of unity among the workforce.

Engaging Employees


Beyond routine updates, these screens convey vital information on safety protocols and accident rates. The dynamic and tailored messages have resonated strongly, owing to their visually compelling nature.


Moreover, sharing key performance indicators, such as vehicle group-specific consumption data, transforms the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) into a shared endeavor, fostering a sense of collective responsibility.


Interestingly, this internal transparency also yields positive external outcomes. Philippe Légé, Jolival's Digital Project Manager, notes that feedback from various interactions is consistently favorable. Whether during recruitment interviews or professional meetings, the diverse and informative content displayed about Jolival's activities is perceived as a testament to trust and credibility. This inadvertent yet impactful enhancement of the brand's image has a positive ripple effect among partners and potential candidates.


Philippe Légé,

Digital Project Manager, Jolival

“ Media4Display is a communication tool that empowers us to disseminate a wide array of information, directly reaching individuals who may not have easy access to computer tools in their work environment ”

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