Almost 300,000 Cdiscount shipments have been delivered and tracked using MediaContact

Cdiscount relies on C Chez Vous to handle the delivery of online orders. With almost 1,500 deliveries per day in France, C Chez Vous has invested in a communications application for mobile devices. C Chez Vous chose developer KNK to create an application tailored to the delivery persons’ activities and selected Telelogos’ MediaContact software to manage and synchronize the mobile devices.

Closely monitored packages thanks to MediaContact

As an e-merchant, Cdiscount must deliver orders to its customers’ satisfaction in order to earn their loyalty. A late delivery or a lost shipment has an immediate impact on the e-merchant’s image. Unhappy customers who share their discontent via social media pose a major risk. This is why Cdiscount relies on C Chez Vous to handle the delivery of its shipments, from pick-up to final delivery.


C Chez Vous decided to equip its delivery persons with mobile communications devices (MC 75 Motorola) in order to optimize its delivery and tracking processes. The IT Department of the Casino Group hired KNK to develop an on-board mobile application customized for the delivery operations of C Chez Vous. The MediaContact software by Telelogos was chosen to handle the synchronization of business data and to manage the fleet of devices. The mobile devices receive instructions in real time from headquarters and send back information from the field. The path of each package is tracked and monitored throughout the entire process, from the time the order is placed on Cdiscount’s e-commerce site until the shipment is eventually delivered to the customer.


The mobile devices, which are 3G enabled thanks to MediaContact, are constantly communicating with headquarters, where the route optimization application “Opti-Time” is installed. Each morning, the delivery persons receive their route maps before setting out to make their deliveries. The mobile devices transmit all delivery-related information to the Central System. In this way, the call center at headquarters can monitor and inform customers of the status of their shipments in real time.


The Casino Group uses MediaContact by Telelogos to:

  • Manage the fleet of mobile devices
  • Ensure bi-directional data synchronization
  • Guarantee that the information transferred between the mobile devices and the information system is reliable



Benjamin BRUN

Support and Development Division, Casino Group

“Mobile devices have become our eye on the ground. They provide us with statistics and indicators on each day completed. The MDM and MAM features of MediaContact make it easier to manage the fleet of devices and MediaContact allows us to continuously monito r activities and react very quickly.”

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