Etam Group, women’s lingerie and ready-to-wear creator, markets its products under its following brand names: Etam, 1.2.3. And Undiz. The group employs 20,000 people, 5,500 of which are in Europe, across its 4,300 points of sale worldwide (1,000 in Europe).



Before the implementation of a fleet management solution, The Etam Group IT System Department had its specific event POS systems repatriated after each sales period in order to ensure their update for the next upcoming sales events. Therefore Etam Group IT System Department’s goal was to reduce the logistical costs of sales event POS systems. The aim was also to have a solution which allowed them to:


  • Have an up to date fleet following the deployment of sales event POS systems
  • Monitor via a centralized administration console
  • Have up to date inventories of hardware and software on board



After studying various solutions available, Etam Group selected MediaContact software which satisfied all IT System Departments expectations and requirements. From now on, thanks to MediaContact, sales event POS systems are updated automatically by referring to the main point of sale system in store, as soon as they are connected to the company network. This limits technician services on-site in each point of sale. And also removes the need to repatriate POS systems when sales end.

The software enables Etam Group IT System Department to manage the 1.600 POS systems of its fleet worldwide. MediaContact is also used for the automation of file transfer and data synchronization tasks, software updates and hardware/software inventories. From software acquisition, through tests phases in POC stores, to the solution’s deployment in all stores, the entire project was completed within 4 months.




  • A very fast ROI thanks to task automation and remote management
  • An up to date fleet at each new POS system installation
  • The management of 1.600 points of sale from a centralized administration console
Dominique Pothin,
Stores Support Analyst

«Twice a year, we had to provide a hundred stores with an additional POS system for the first five days of sales. Then, these systems were repatriated to our warehouses and prepared and set up again for the next sales event. From now on, sales event POS systems stay in store. They are at immediate disposal and just need to be turned back on at any time they are needed.

Thanks to MediaContact these POS systems recover all updates that were released since their latest connection from the main POS in store as soon as they are back on the stores network. This enables us to have an up to date park/fleet and also to give our points of sale the opportunity to increase checking out capacity according to their needs.»

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