24 November 2022

Visual management in the industry

Visual management is a valuable communication channel for numerous departments in an industrial firm, and can be implemented using digital signage software.
It’s a fact that the human brain retains 6 times more information when it is presented visually.
Using a digital signage solution for visual management therefore generates quick wins, offering a fast return on investment thanks to productivity gains, better incident management and a reduced waste rate. More generally, it leads to better communication by presenting information and activity to everyone in real time.

What are visual management and digital signage?

The principle of visual management using digital signage is to place screens at key points on industrial sites, including production lines, loading bays, warehouses and break rooms. These screens show relevant information about the company’s activity, tailored to each role depending on the location.

This visual information in industry can be used to support and communicate with operators, while also informing and alerting managers so they can make faster decisions thanks to real-time interactions. This communication also helps maintain ties with employees who do not have their own digital workstation. In the age of Industry 4.0, it allows information to be communicated more quickly and transparently, and feedback can be given in real time to streamline production and the supply chain.

Digital signage in a warehouse

Use visual management to inform and assist operators and improve their productivity

Thanks to the Media4Display digital signage software, automating KPI display for production is easy. Data displayed in production workshops gives operators information about production and whether targets are being met. The same is true on loading bays or in warehouses. Ultimately, this helps improve operator productivity through better real-time visibility of activity, with an alert in the event of any discrepancies (regarding daily targets, total production volume or quality indicators, etc.).

Improve ongoing training thanks to screens installed for visual management

The information displayed can also help improve the quality and training of industry staff. For example, it is possible to display production sheets automatically extracted from the system in front of workstations. This same information can be made available for consultation whenever required (via an interaction programmed in the system to trigger display, such as scanning a QR code, pressing a button or validating a production stage, etc.) in order to better support operators, temporary staff and new recruits.

Visual management to raise awareness, strengthen the corporate culture and empower teams

Setting up information screens is a way of contacting employees outside of standard in-house communication channels (e.g. staff without an allocated workstation and therefore easy access to emails). It makes it easier to share important information associated with the life of the business, a statement from the CEO, the results of the last period, success stories, upcoming company events and also, more generally, safety information and best practices.

Digital signage for visual management

Easier access and widespread exposure to this information is a key way of promoting greater employee participation in the company and adding meaning to their daily work by emphasizing the reason behind their everyday tasks.

It goes without saying that displaying real-time production statistics, quality indicators, incident rates, etc. means that everyone can monitor their own performance indicators. Everyone becomes an active player in continuously improving results, leading to greater personal empowerment. Ultimately, everyone receives information about their activity in real time, and no longer needs to wait for a manager’s instructions to act. Each person takes an active responsibility for their work.

Alert thanks to digital signage

Issue alerts thanks to visual management

More generally, digital signage screens for visual management in industry can be used for automatic, instant and high-visibility alerts. This means that an accident on a line, a discrepancy in production or an upcoming maintenance operation can be communicated to the entire production team affected. These alerts enable an adequate response, such as an evacuation if required, production shutdown or adjustment, helping improve on-site safety and support quicker decision-making.

Help managers via visual management

Any discrepancies in processes in progress can be quickly identified. Gaps between expectations and results are clearly shown. Managers are constantly exposed to these performance indicators so are better equipped to react and adjust, or implement corrective action when required, depending on the causes identified.

Go paperless thanks to a digital visual management solution

Implementing a digital visual management solution in industry can significantly reduce the use of paper, leading to faster response times, cutting costs by removing the need for double records (paper record in real time followed by re-entry into the IT system after the operation) and reduce the risks of error. In particular, logistics information is shared in real time, making the supply chain smoother and facilitating inter-department cooperation.

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