Founded as a family business in 1948, Transports Jolival continues to expand its operations in two main areas: transportation and logistics. Jolival chose to be a part of the ASTRE group (Association of European Transporters) to enhance its performance, actively participating in defining the group's strategy. The association's objective is to provide a range of services to its network of members, fostering cohesion and synergy development within the Group. Today, Jolival manages its fleet of mobile devices using the Clyd solution by Telelogos, an Astre-referenced solution.

Optimizing Mobile Device Performance with Kiosk Mode

At Jolival, all professional mobile phones are kiosk-mode enabled. The standard Android interface is transformed into a secure workspace, limiting access to listed applications and documents and restricting access to Android system settings and configurations.


Beyond the fleet expansion that demanded suitable means for its operational maintenance, the primary realization leading to the decision to equip with an MDM solution stemmed from the numerous technical limitations frequently encountered by users. Formerly free to use their phones, they often added personal applications, photos, or other large files. This reduced available memory, hampering terminal performance, especially in speed.


Since managing phones centrally through the  Clyd MDM solution, their performance has significantly improved. Applications and other stored files have been optimized for professional use, preventing users from installing unauthorized applications or files. This optimization has notably enhanced usability, leading to a drastic reduction in maintenance requests.


Various profiles have been created using the Clyd administration console to enhance performance further, tailoring phones to specific needs in different areas, such as short or long zones. Not all phones have the same application requirements. Therefore, each phone provided to Jolival employees is 100% adapted to real needs for 100% optimized performance, all to improve usability and user experience.

Time Efficiency and Responsiveness

With a fleet of 240 mobile devices and users scattered across France, an MDM solution offers the significant advantage of centralized updates and maintenance. These are orchestrated from the Clyd console and automatically deployed to all designated devices, wherever they may be. Gone are the days when individuals had to return or even physically go in case of issues, rendering hardware returns to completely outdated applications obsolete. With this solution, Philippe Légé, Digital Project Manager at JOLIVAL, no longer hesitates to deploy an update across his device fleet. This is crucial as the transporter relies on various business applications to ensure optimal service quality for its clients. Hence, there might be up to five updates in a single week. Such actions would be inconceivable without an MDM solution, which today guarantees ease of deployment and unmatched responsiveness.

Facilitated Support


The Clyd MDM solution allows remote access in case of terminal issues. This feature is frequently used by Philippe Légé, who explains that not everyone is equally proficient with technology. Explaining a procedure remotely, although quick when mastered, can be lengthy and tedious. Today, at Jolival, this is no longer a concern. Remote access is readily employed to assist a colleague and, more importantly, to save time in problem resolution.


Philippe Légé,

Digital Project Manager, Jolival

“ Clyd enables us to be responsive, have terminals consistently updated, and assist a driver without waiting for their return to the depot. But more importantly, it allows us to respond to our clients' delivery feedback, ensuring a high-quality service rate. ”

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