Digital signage in the industrial sector


  • Media4Display integrates directly with ERP, MES and PLM to display key production indicators, quality statistics, reminders of safety guidelines and alerts in real time on industrial screens installed in workshops.
  • Media4Display also enables operators to have an interactive tool near their workstation to access specific instructions – manufacturing orders, machine configuration instructions, maintenance operations.
  • Media4Display displays information about the company and site life in break rooms and changing rooms.

Main objectives


Automate the display of production data and performance indicators in the workshop through the integration of Media4Display with your information system.


Improve the quality and training of your staff by displaying manufacturing orders extracted automatically from your system in front of the workstations.


Immediately display alert messages, safety guidelines and upcoming maintenance operations to your production staff.



  • Automatically extract and assemble data from the SAP production system, AVEVA, Siemens Mindsphere (...) and display it using the different pre-formatted display masks.
  • Distribute multimedia content to a network of industrial screens located in different production locations/production workstations
  • Schedule the display of content
  • Display specific content according to the screens and their location
  • Instantly display urgent messages on all screens
  • Display production data on touch screens and manage interaction


  • Improve productivity by sharing production data in real time: daily targets, production volume, quality indicators, upcoming maintenance operations, etc.
  • Improve quality by offering simple and contextual access from workstations to electronic documentation relating to production
  • Improve safety by reminding employees of safety recommendations and by displaying alert messages in real time
  • Improve employee involvement by allowing production staff access in break rooms to general company information broadcast by the internal communications department, and to interact with the HR system