Secure the use of 55,000 heterogeneous Android devices

The ADMR is the first French associative personal care network with 94 federations established throughout France, with more than 93 000 employees and 710 000 customers.

ADMR’s staff have an Android smartphone and use an In-House application to record information related to their missions.

Before the implementation of an Enterprise Mobility Management software, updating the In-House application was done manually by the IT representatives of each department.

These representatives were also called upon for troubleshooting related to unlocked smartphones.


To answer these issues of administration and security, ADMR’s IT department wanted to have a solution capable of:

  • Managing, securing, and updating applications for tens of thousands of heterogeneous devices
  • Controlling mobile data consumption (limited data plans)
  • Organizing device fleet management so that each federation can have visibility on its fleet


The ADMR CIO has selected Telelogos’ CLYD solution in order to secure the use of 55 000 (80 000 by the end of the project) Android heterogeneous devices (Samsung, Orange Rise, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, WiKo).

Thanks to the CLYD kiosk function, employees have a dedicated work environment on their smartphone. Other unused applications or system settings access are disabled and invisible, making the user experience simple and intuitive.


Bulk deploy application updates

The software also allows the mass deployment of the In-House application updates on the 50 000 smartphones, thank to that employees benefit from the latest developments in their business application. Responding to the expectations of the IT Department, the role management function offered in the software allows each
federation to be autonomous and administer its own fleet of terminals.


With the custom dashboard of the solution, administrators have access to all the information needed to track devices, especially statistics on the versions of the business application deployed on the fleet.



  • An ergonomic web interface for administrators
  • Simple administration and centralized management of more than 55 000 Android devices
  • Accurate tracking of versions of the business application deployed on the devices
  • Secure devices, with controlled data consumption and with the latest application updates



Laurent Delamarre,
Directeur technique et sécurité, ADMR

« Notre projet visait à doter chaque intervenant à domicile d’une solution à même de capter et de rendre l’information au plus près du terrain. Après étude entre les différentes solutions du marché nous avons retenu comme partenaire Telelogos, la seule société qui a su relevé le défi de la volumétrie et de la montée en charge. Grâce au logiciel CLYD, nous sommes désormais capables de gérer et maintenir 55 000 smartphones utilisés quotidiennement par nos collaborateurs. »

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