Last mile delivery digitization: COURSIER.FR® optimizes its fleet with Clyd


Reference operator of last mile deliveries in the Paris region, COURSIER.FR® has been the specialist in courier and delivery services since 1998 with more than 200 professionals employed in the field.

Within its digitization process, the company had started a new way of equipping its couriers to follow in real time all their missions and improve the information flow between managers and riders on a daily basis. The smartphones provided by the company were personalized, reliable and secured with our software.
Thanks to Clyd’s kiosk function, the fleet manager limits the use of smartphones to authorized applications or settings only.

Couriers benefit from direct access to applications essential to the delivery sector. For example quick access to the camera to ensure proof of delivery, or report an anomaly with a photo. Web browser access is controlled to restrict personal use and thus ensure the security of the smartphones data.

CLYD also provides remote updating of all applications and the simultaneous sending of documents and internal messages across their fleet, essential to maintaining a link with the collaborators in the field.

The smartphone is therefore secured for professional use and becomes a communication tool between the company and the courier.

« The transport sector is at the heart of a real digital transformation. The digitalization of our delivery tools is an essential element for our business, but also for our couriers who need an interface that is secure, responsive and adapted to their needs.» emphasizes Morgan GER, Head of Supply, COURSIER.FR® Group

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