AstreDigitalization and dematerialization of the transport industry

ASTRE, Association of European Carriers, aims to make available to its network of carriers and logisticians a range of services to ensure the cohesion and the development of collaborations within the association. Astre Digital is an entity of the ASTRE group, in charge of information systems of the group’s structure. This entity also provides its members with transversal business solutions.




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Digitalization and dematerialization of the transport industry

In a context of digitalization and dematerialization of the transport industry, Astre Digital wanted to provide to its members an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, capable of managing updates and security of smartphones used daily by their drivers and dock agents.

The solution also had to meet certain criteria and specifications of the group:

  • Adapt to an industrial environment, composed of various types of Android devices
  • Be a centralized and independent solution, available in SAAS mode
  • Have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, usable by employees with or without an IT profile
  • Be developed by a French publisher, responsive and sharing common values to those of the group

After studying all the solutions available on the market, Astre Digital selected Clyd from Telelogos.

3000 managed devices

Adopted by a dozen members, each with fleets of 15 to 1200 smartphones, there are today around 3000 devices managed by the solution (growing to 10 000 over time). The main Clyd features used by Astre Digital are:

  • The kiosk mode, securing the use of the smartphone
  • Remote deploymentof application updates
  • Hardware and software inventoriesshowing precisely the status of the fleet
  • Remote controlof the devices
  • Data removal/wipingin case of loss or theft

Astre Digital has set up its own Clyd SAAS server, which allows each member to have its own company on the server. The solution is therefore shared, allowing Astre Digital to monitor all the companies, while leaving the members managing their devices autonomously.




Chief Information Officer - Astre Digital

“We chose Clyd for its ergonomic design and ease of use. The challenge was to offer to our members a solution that meets our technical requirements and manageable by employees with or without an IT profile.”

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