Digitization of the healthcare sector: Rainbow Santé digitizes its medical teams with Clyd

Rainbow Santé is a private hospital medical group based in the French West Indies and French Guiana, employing more than 200 people. Rainbow Santé wanted to digitize the monitoring of its patients by equipping the various healthcare professionals with tablets.

Rainbow Santé therefore needed to be able to secure patient medical data while developing a work tool shared by the healthcare teams.

Security and protection of health data

From the Clyd interface, the fleet manager remotely manages the tablet parameters. Thus, when caregivers leave the work premises, they no longer have access to Internet and cannot connect to other networks. The tablets are therefore protected against possible external attacks during home care.

« The digital transition is a real challenge in the medical sector. We must guarantee our patients the confidentiality of their health data, while providing our caregivers with a reliable working tool. » underlines Julien FOUQUET, IT Service Manager at Rainbow Santé.
Thanks to the kiosk function built into Clyd software, the tablets are strictly limited to professional use. The fleet manager deploys and makes accessible only the business applications and settings necessary for the smooth running of patient care. For example, the nursing staff benefits from access to the camera only while using the business application, allowing them to follow the evolution of a pathology. Caregivers can therefore concentrate solely on the patient’s medical data, avoiding any misuse of the device.
Clyd also ensures the remote update of the applications, allowing all the personnel to benefit from a constantly up to date work tool.

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