Along with their branches, Banking & Insurance covers various areas for the purposes of providing high-quality local services to their clients. Client expectations are changing, and these branches are digitalizing to constantly provide their clients with better service.

With Telelogos, digitalize your spaces and optimize the customer and employee experience. Large institutions have trusted Telelogos to control all of their equipment: screens, kiosks, tablets, etc.


Media4Display: digital signage software

Banking & Insurance Media4Display

  • Communicate in the branches on your network.
  • Attract clients’ attention with digital signage window screens.
  • Communicate with your clients and ensure promotion of your offers and services on the screens at your branch reception desk using Media4Display digital signage software.


CLYD: Mobile Device Management software
  • Manage and secure smartphones, tablets, and networked objects available to your employees or clients at your network of branches using CLYD Mobile Device Management.
  • CLYD for bank and insurance branches.


Channels: transform your employees’ workstations into internal communication channels

Banking & Insurance Channels

  • With Channels, communicate essential or urgent information to employees, directly on their computer, without changing their work habits.