In the age of Industry 4.0 and manufacturing automation, successful integration of operators into manufacturing processes is becoming the new frontier.


With Telelogos, implement real-time information for your manufacturing teams, facilitate their interactions with the IT system – MES, ERP, etc. – simplify mobility, verify good operating conditions for screens, mobile devices, workshop PCs, etc.

Media4Display: digital signage in service of productivity and security

Digital Manufacturing Media4Display

  • Media4Display integrates directly with ERP, MES and PLM to display key production indicators, quality statistics, reminders of safety guidelines and alerts in real time on industrial screens installed in workshops.
  • Media4Display also enables operators to have an interactive tool near their workstation to access specific instructions – manufacturing orders, machine configuration instructions, maintenance operations.
  • Media4Display displays information about the company and site life in the break rooms and changing rooms.


CLYD: Manage and secure mobile devices in manufacturing units

CLYD enables remote administration of smartphones, tablets, printers, and other networked equipment. CLYD simplifies:

  • Securing networked equipment
  • Installation and updating of business applications
  • Remote control in case of a technical problem
  • Geolocation of posts


Digital Manufacturing CLYD

Channels: transform your employees’ workstations into internal communication channels

Channels industrializes the use of notifications, sleep screens, lockscreens, and backgrounds on individual and shared workstations so that employees will never miss important internal information, specifically:

  • Messages and alerts from the site manager
  • Reminders of best practices from the cybersecurity team
  • Recycling awareness campaigns from the CSR team