Point of sale digitalization is at the heart of retailers’ strategies today. It enables them to make stores even more attractive, to offer an omnichannel experience, and to increase productivity.


With Telelogos, ensure the promotion of your products/services and attract clients using digital signage in window displays on in boutiques, control and secure digital equipment (smartphones, tablets, screens, kiosks, printers, etc.) deployed in stores and communicate with your employees.

Media4Display: digital signage at Points-of-Sale

Retail Media4Display

  • Digital signage has become an indispensable communications tools for retailers. In addition to driving a modern image at the point-of-sale, it enables real-time communication in stores and the ability to change messages at any time.
  • Media4Display goes above and beyond by enabling interaction with your IT system or with external events. You can contextualize your messages and content depending on geographical location, stock, or even the weather.


CLYD: device management for Retail
  • There are multiple uses for mobility, both on the retail floor and in a back office or warehouse: smartphone or tablet equipment as sales support tools for advisers, rugged devices for receiving merchandise or warehouse RFID inventories, information kiosks or shopping assistance terminals for customers, mobile cash registers and even mobile printers for salespeople.
  • The uses for devices are multiple and constantly changing. It is essential to be able to manage them, to make them secure, and to integrate new devices and uses.


CLYD Retail

Channels: communicate with your employees in stores

Retail Channels

  • Communicate via employee workstations on your point-of-sales network using Channels internal communications software Send notifications to workstations, personalize sleep screens and backgrounds, alerts, etc.