The city of the future begins today with simple and concrete solutions.
With Telelogos, improve the quality of life for your citizens and the attractiveness of your community by expanding information for all, simplifying the reservation of shared spaces, and securing networked equipment for your mobile personnel.

Media4Display: digital signage, a vector for image and communication

Media4Display Corporate & Smart Building

Media4Display makes it possible to communicate easily and in real-time to both citizens and personnel in the street, in the town hall and administrative buildings, and in public buildings and gymnasiums

  • Simplify management of legal signage
  • Offer relevant information in real-time: schedules, events, ads, job opportunities
  • Energize the local economy and generate new income by enabling partners to display information


CLYD: centralized and secure management of online equipment

CLYD enables the IT department to manage smartphones and tablets provided to your community’s employees.

  • Kiosk function to restrict device access to only authorized applications and parameters
  • Remote installation and updating of applications
  • Securing
  • Remote control to assist users
  • Geolocation


CLYD Corporate & Smart Building

Meeting4Display: digital room and workspace management

MT4D - Corporate & Smart Building

Use Meeting4Display from a reservation screen located at the entrance to a meeting room, from your mobile, from a touchscreen kiosk, or from the company’s messaging system:

  • find an available workspace – meeting room, sports facility, office
  • verify equipment
  • reserve it instantly and be guided to its location.


Channels: transform your employees’ workstations into internal communication channels

Channels industrializes the use of notifications, sleep screens, lockscreens, and backgrounds on individual and shared workstations so that employees will never miss important internal information, specifically:

  • Messages and alerts from the administration
  • Reminders of best practices from the cybersecurity team
  • Recycling awareness campaigns from the CSR team


Channels Corporate & Smart Building