The world of transport and logistics must revolutionize its operations to always be more responsive, provide clients with real-time traceability, and increase its operators’ productivity.


With Telelogos, control and secure mobility solutions in warehouses and on the road, support your employees by providing real-time information on screens located where the action is to improve Supply Chain flow and to capitalize on workshop Pcs to turn them into vectors for internal communications.

CLYD: Manage mobility on the road and in the logistics platform

Transport & logistics CLYD

  • Smartphone and rugged device equipment for transporters or delivery agents to enable paper-free documents (TMS, delivery slip, proof of delivery, etc.), route optimization, etc.
  • Deployment of interconnected mobile solutions with WMS in warehouses to optimize order preparation processes or vocal picking, or to improve operator productivity.
  • Discover how CLYD not only allows you to manage mobile devices, but also to secure and optimize their use through functionality dedicated to the world of transport and logistics: blocking touchscreens while driving, printer management, etc.


Media4Display: Bring real-time business information to where the action is using digital signage

Loading, arrival, and departure schedules, KPIs, data from IT systems, warning messages and internal communications... Display your company’s content in warehouses and logistics platforms using Media4Display digital signage software.


Transport & logistics Media4Display

Channels: transform your employees’ workstations into internal communication channels

Transport & logistics Channels

With Channels, communicate essential or urgent information to employees, directly on their computer, without changing their work habits.

  • Shared workstations: transform them into digital signage displays using sleep screen mode
  • Communicate with employees without using corporate e-mail, through notifications, lockscreen, and backgrounds
  • Alert employees in case of urgent information: security, evacuation, health emergency, etc.